It’s all about YOU!

with Brita Hollows, International teacher, healer, clairvoyant and channeler.

16th – 18th March 2018, The Tauhara Centre


Over the last few years and 2017 especially, there has been a time of change in consciousness, and many shifts in frequency.  For some this has been and still is, a difficult process. Make the transition easier by attending Shine. You will realign with the new frequencies easily through knowing, understanding and experiencing …….. Pure Love.

Join us in this unique workshop and experience what it is to FEEL and BE absolutely AMAZING; to receive and integrate new frequencies and tools that will help you live and experience life more fully, joyously and completely.

Some of the topics in this Workshop

  • Raising and fine tuning your frequency.
  • The frequency effect.
  • How to use the brain and the heart brain as tools.
  • Light language, what yours is and how it works .
  • 5th dimension and beyond.
  • Understanding manifestations and personal reality.
  • Letting go your fears.
  • Techniques to raise your physical energy and how to keep it there.
  • Understanding difficult relationships and how to change them.
  • Living and working in a new frequency.
  • Respecting and loving your Self.
  • Self-Love: how loving the Self can change your life.
  • How you impact on the Universe.
  • The power of intuition and self-trust.
  • Soul Purpose: what it is, and how you know when you’re on the right path

On day two of the workshop there will be time for questions on any topics you like pertaining to metaphysics. (This is always a lot of fun and very informative for all).

Join us in this unique workshop and experience what it is to FEEL and BE absolutely AMAZING; to receive and integrate new frequencies and tools that will help you live and experience life more fully, joyously and completely.

We will finish the afternoon doing some healing work utilizing the more powerful frequencies integrated during the Workshop.

Secure your place on this course by registering and paying now as numbers will be limited so as to give personal attention to everyone.

Workshop:  $200 (or $300 for you and a friend)!

Registration and full payment must be made before 1st March 2018.

+64 210496996

Please book and pay for your accommodation directly with the Tauhara Centre

Prices for 2 nights’ accommodation and meals and is GST inclusive. Catered meals will begin with dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. This includes use of venue spaces; dining room and Centre grounds and also includes on call teas and coffees throughout your stay.

All prices are per person for the whole time.

Accommodation + Meals as listed above.

Bunk room shared byo bedding $225

Bunk room solo byo bedding $245

Self –contained unit Motel style shared byo bedding $275

Self –contained unit Motel style solo byo bedding $315

Bedding hire: $15 per person includes all linen and towels. One off cost.

The food component of the quote is based on yummy on-site home cooked – vegetarian or meat buffet style meals.

Special diets: Vegan – Gluten Free $15 per person -one off cost.

60 Acacia Heights Drive

Acacia Bay, Taupo

Ph+64 7 378 7507




The Frequency Effect

Mana Retreat, Coromandel Peninsula

New Zealand

May 2019

A five Day Life changing Residential Workshop

Join well known international facilitator and teacher Brita Hollows and guest presenter Caroline Todd as they share their unique skills and knowledge using a beautiful combination of Metaphysics and Quantum physics, channeled information and light language.

Brita Hollows is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and a channeler. She opened her mind, body and soul 19 years ago, and now teaches in a totally contemporary way, with none of the old “rules”. You will learn to fully utilize your intuition, unlock and awaken your clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudient skills as well as doing conscious channeling and light language.

Brita’s teaching includes many interactive exercises so you can see for yourself what is actually happening. She believes the best way to teach is to guide you through the experience and in doing so, hand you the tools to do it yourself. Everything she teaches has been proven through Quantum Physics. But don’t worry, you don’t have to understand physics to do it!!

Caroline Todd lives and works in Queensland, Australia. She is a powerful Maori healer and reader and will anchor the new frequencies of the land within the workshop through waiata (song or prayer). Caroline has worked with me on past Workshops in Australia.

Living comfortably in the new vibrational frequency is challenging for many people. The feeling of being buffeted from one state of Being to another is quite common. Some can end up with flu like symptoms, extreme tiredness, relationship breakdowns and all kinds of challenging situations. It doesn’t have to be difficult.  Brita can show you how to deal with this so life will flow for you again.

This special workshop will empower you to transform your inner self, thus changing the frequency of your matrix (your way of Being). Not only will you begin to attract all that you desire in your life, but you will also be able to stand strongly in your Self and SHINE in your uniqueness.

Brita will be covering the following and more.

  • The four main energy bodies that make up who you are.
  • Feeling and seeing energy fields of people, rooms and objects.
  • Controlling your energy field.
  • How to scan an energy field for illness or blocks.
  • How your surroundings affect you, and how you affect your surroundings.
  • The energy centres (chakras) how they work, and what they do.
  • Finding energy centres (chakras) in rooms, cities, and countries.
  • Ley lines.
  • Increase your awareness of your guides and teachers..
  • How to ask and receive answers from your guides and higher self about anything!
  • Clearing and protecting yourself with and without tools.
  • Creating Virtual Reality.
  • Sound, music and words and their affect on the body and mind. This will be held in the beautiful sanctuary built around sacred geometry.
  • What the subconscious mind is, how it works and how to take charge of it.
  • How your thoughts affect what happens around you.
  • How your words and actions affect others without you being present.
  • Entrainment and entanglement.
  • Why you sometimes feel great and sometimes feel uncomfortable with different people, things and places.
  • Finding your emotional blocks.
  • Different methods for releasing emotional blocks.
  • DNA and the brainwave connection.
  • A personal reading of your energy field at the beginning and end of the Workshop.
  • Grounding and transforming energy.
  • Conscious channelling.
  • Allowing your guide to step into your body.
  • Discover your personal unique healing method.
  • Change your neural pathways.
  • Release the patterns, programmes and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Recognize and dissolve your fears.
  • Become a person who attracts prosperity, health, joy and love into your life.
  • Discover how self-responsibility gives you a totally different perspective on life.
  • Recognize and understand your uniqueness and potential.
  • Downloading and integrating shifts in frequency with ease.

 Please Note

Many of the above subjects are Workshops in themselves. We will be covering the basics of all of these and more if we have time. We generally cover the programme but if there is a subject raised that is of interest to all we will cover it. Please contact me if you are interested in the Workshop.

Brita Hollows



Phone or text    New Zealand       +64 21 0496996

Join us in this unique workshop and experience what it is to FEEL and BE absolutely AMAZING; to receive and integrate new frequencies and tools that will help you live and experience life more fully, joyously and completely.