Through tuning into your energetic field and communicating with your Higher Self and your Guides, I am able to bring through information for you. Bring photos of your family (partner, spouse, children)


NZ (+64) 210 496 996

AUS (+61) 426 090 353

$60.00 for 30 minutes
$120.00 for 1 hr

Skype Readings

A face to face consultation where I will tune into your energy and answer your questions.

$60.00 for 30 minutes
$120.00 for 1 hour

Email Readings

Email me pictures of yourself, your family (without sunglasses please), your pets, your business or even your property and your questions concerning them and I will send you a reply.

For faster and a more accurate reading add the first name of the person or pet.

A two question follow up is included in the price.

$60.00 per reading